We work out our fees on the basis of time spent by our staff in respect of the case. This includes advising, meeting the client and others, dealing with the documentation, correspondence and telephone calls, carrying out research as well as preparing for any hearing to include travelling and time spent waiting at the courts etc. However, Our fees do not attract VAT as we are not VAT registered at present. However, disbursements incurred on your behalf i.e., Application fee, Immigration Health Surcharge, Counsel’s fees, Court fees or expenses incurred in obtaining reports / expert opinions etc are separately payable (they might include VAT), if applicable.

i. Non – Fixed Fee Arrangements:

Unless and until an alternative fee arrangement has been agreed and confirmed in writing, the calculation of our fees is described below. These rates are reviewed from time to time and therefore, if this matter has not been concluded before the date of the next review, they will change and we shall attempt to inform you of the new rates which will apply to work done from the date of the review as soon as they have been set.

Solicitor over 8 years experience : £261.00 per hour
Solicitors and legal executives with over 4 years post qualification experience Including at least 4 years litigation experience : £218.00 per hour
Other Solicitors and legal executives and fee earners of equivalent experience : £178.00 per hour
Trainee solicitors, paralegals and other fee earners : £126.00 per hour

Both incoming and outgoing routine letters and routine telephone calls will be charged as units of 1/10th of an hour.

ii. Fixed Fee Arrangements:

A fixed fee is payable on the perusal and consideration of your documents and conducting your representation. This also covers the cost of any correspondence, telephone calls etc. that are made on your behalf. However, if the matter requires further oral representations to the Superior Courts / Tribunals and becomes more complex, then further costs will be discussed.

Kindly note that at our discretion, we endeavour to match the price and compete with the market which does not affect our client service and work on your file.

If at any time before the completion of the matter you wish to withdraw your instructions then we will calculate our cost on non-fixed fee basis.

Our indicative fees for the more common Immigration matters are as follows:

• Tier-1 (£1000.00 to £2500.00)
• Skilled Workers under Tier-2 (£750.00 to £1500.00)
• Student Visas under Tier-4 (£750.00 to £1000.00)
• Asylum Applications (£500.00 to £1000.00)
• Human Rights Applications (£750.00 to £1500.00)
• Marriage Applications (Fiance, Spouse, Unmarried partner) (£750.00 to £1500.00)
• Family Reunion Applications (£750.00 to £1500.00)
• Indefinite Leave to Remain (£750.00 to £1500.00)
• Humanitarian Protection (£750.00 to £1500.00)
• Family Visitors Visas (£750.00 to £1250.00)
• Investment and Business Establishments under Tier-1 (£1500.00 to £3000.00)
• Sole Representatives (£750.00 to £1500.00)
• EU Nationals and Their Families (£750.00 to £1000.00)
• EC Association Agreements (£750.00 to £1500.00)
• Citizenship (£500.00 to £1000.00)
• Rights of Abode (£750.00 to £1000.00)
• Deportation (£500.00 to £1000.00)
• Bail Applications (£500.00 to £1000.00)
• Access Rights to Children (£750.00 to £1500.00)
• Appeals (£1500.00 to £2500.00)

We confirm that our fees for completing your matter are relevant only to the information provided and should this change the fees are also open to alteration. If the transaction does not proceed smoothly we reserve the right to increase our price or because of unforeseen extra work (e.g after we started work on your application there is unreasonable delay from you to provide necessary documents/information to complete the work and submit your application) or your requirements significantly change during the matter. We will write you to confirm our increased cost and attempt to agree with you on the increased cost. If we cannot reach agreement then we will stop the work and charge you on hourly basis for the work we have carried out on hourly basis.

iii. Disbursements:

By instructing us you authorise us to use our discretion in instructing counsels, experts etc., to conduct your matters and to incur disbursements (please click the relevant links for information on amount payable) on your behalf i.e., Application fee (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/visa-regulations-revised-tabletarget), Immigration Health Surcharge (https://www.gov.uk/healthcare-immigration-application/how-much-pay), Tribunal fees (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/get-help-to-pay-or-reduce-your-visa-or-immigration-appeal-fee), Counsel’s fees or expenses incurred in obtaining reports / expert opinions (these vary and will be agreed with you before incurring them) etc.

iv. Who will carry out the work?

The legal work and advice is provided by a solicitor or a senior caseworker. They may be assisted by others i.e trainee solicitor or paralegal under supervision.

Mr Junaid Awan (solicitor) has over 20 years experience in dealing with all types of Immigration & Nationality matters and appeals.

Mr Nadeem has over 15 years PQE (Post Qualification Experience) in dealing with all types of Immigration & Nationality matters and appeals.

v. Time Scale

Please see the link for service standards and average times at the Home Office https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/uk-visas-and-immigration/about-our-services

Time scale is dependant on you providing us complete information along with necessary documentary evidence. Upon receipt of complete information, our work usually takes up to one month depending on the complexity of your matter.

Approximate time scale to complete appeal work for in country appeal takes up to 4 months and out of country appeals it takes up to 12 months.